I came up with this crazy idea to join my obsession with old cars and my computer biz with a panel truck, the perfect utility vehicle. I had seen my first 51-52 Ford F1 panel truck in Oklahoma while picking up another truck from a rod shop. The truck had been abandoned by the previous owner so I decided to make another trip and bought the truck. The body ended up being rougher than I had hoped but the hooks were in deep and I wanted a better one. I ended up making a good runner out of it and left the fun patina that the body had and called it done. The story of that truck is for another day but I kept looking for one with a good body.

The truck for this project I found on ebay and looked to have a great body and appeared to need less bodywork than others that I had seen. The panel trucks are more beat up than the standard pickup and there were less of them built which makes finding a good one even tougher. Truck was located in Oregon so the trip was made.

Originally the plan was to go all stock with the drivetrain but have since revised that plan to go with more horsepower and power steering but leave the body stock looking. As the artwork shows above it will be all red and wear American Racing 5 spokes, probably 17 inch wheels. The following pages show progress to date and I plan to add more pics as progress develops.

Comments or questions welcome, send them to: info@innernetworks.net

Thanks to Lemorris Harris for the artwork above. A great guy to work with and a talented artist.