On arrival, in Oregon, the truck ran, not great but ran and could be driven on the trailer. Front sheetmetal was tweaked which so far was ok with me. Then I opened the back doors only to find out the wheelwells were junk. The guy had failed to disclose the major issue with the wheelwells, ugh! A sawzall was used to cut off the top flange that ties the two halves of the wheelwells together. There is very little structure in the back of these trucks and wood is used to provide bracing all tied into the wheelwells. Time to find new wheelwells.

The story the seller told me was that a guy was building it and left it with a bodyshop and that at some point the front clip was stolen. The seller got it at some point from the body shop and got it running and added a front clip. The engine is a mid 70s Ford 302 from a Granada along with the C4 trans and rearend. Front suspension was from a Pacer which made it pretty low in the front. Now this guy was a real bs'er so I really don't know how much of the history of this truck can be believed. So I drug my prize home. This pic shows it in its new home fresh off the trailer and ready for glamour shots. :)